Sun Tattoos

Red sun tattoo image.The sun which is depicted in the sun tattoo is considered a classic symbol in artwork found all over the world.  It gives light, life and warmth on earth that is why it is being revered by a lot of societies and cultures throughout the ages.  You will notice that the image of the sun is featured in several motifs found in various tat styles.

Aztec and Mayan inspired tats are frequently featured in sun motifs because both of these communities worshipped a sun god.  As far as the Japanese culture is concerned, the sun represents the yang element in yin yang combination of elements in the universe.  The yang traits include creativeness and masculinity which are associated with light, heat, and heaven.

Sun tattoos that portray yang aspects feature the sun, fire, or red colors. Since the sun was recognized as a god in several ancient civilizations, many cultures used the sun tat to show their honor to their god.  In these modern times, however, tats are utilized by both genders to express themselves or to create a fashion statement.

At this time, wearing a sun tat on your skin does not necessarily mean that you worship the sun as a deity.  Many people carry the image of the sun on their bodies because of its beauty, other than the precise meaning related to it.  One of its meanings which is associated with the Asian culture refers to a sun goddess, which is considered as the supreme of all deities.

This is how extensive the aspects associated with the sun are, that is why sun tattoos have become very popular in the past and even in this modern generation.  Referring to the Norse mythology, “Freyr” governed the sun as well as rain, including the god of reproduction and fertility.  As such, many people believed that he brought prosperity and bountiful harvests.

Tribal sun tattoo with red shadow design.Some Egyptian, Native American, Polynesian and Hindu gods are distinguished with the sun, and many others.  Nowadays, you can choose from a lot of options for colors, designs and patterns of the sun.  In fact, you can opt for Celtic tats or tribal tattoos, according to your own preference.  You can have a tat embedded on your belly button which would really look hot.

One great thing about sun tattoos is that you can place them on any area of your body, such as the legs, back, chest, shoulder, arm, etc.  You can find the images and stories of the sun in several myths and folklores all over the world.  Many people across the globe considered the sun as sacred that is why it was worshiped in many parts of the world during the ancient times.

The reason for having a sun tattoo depends on a person’s own belief, outlook and culture, which varies accordingly.  The sun tat signifies all the energies, characteristics and qualities related to the sun.  The kind of symbolism depends on the way or pattern that the tat has been made.  These tats can be done in a monochromatic or simple way, and it could also be made in an intricate or multicolored design.

Chart of various sun tattoo designs.

As you read below, you’ll find some meanings associated with sun tattoos.

Celtic sun tattoo on side.First, it represents light and the truth.  While it was believed to be responsible for bountiful harvest and birth during the ancient times, it was also known to symbolize fertility.  At the same time, it signifies vitality, leadership, force, power and vigor.

Tattoo designs having the image of the sun represent dignity, knowledge, creativity and courage.  One of the most important meanings of sun tat is the one referring to it as symbol of reincarnation or re-birth.  Since the sun rises and sets everyday, it is symbolic of immortality.  Once you see a tribal tat design having a human face inside the image of the sun, it is believed to protect the bearer from negative or dangerous aspects in life.

The sun is known to be masculine in nature, but sun tattoos could also be applicable for women.  This can be made by combining the image of the sun with stars or the moon to make it delicate and more feminine in features.  Pertaining to the Celtic sun, it signifies source of life, healing and fertility. Tats depicting the sun are inked to portray the healing and energizing powers of a person.

Sexy sun and moon tattoo on shoulder.
When you see a combination of the moon and sun tattoos, it is viewed as the spiritual and sexual union of a man and a woman.

The common sun tattoo designs intended for men include the fire element, anger, a flaming sun, and evil designs.  There are times when people embed a sun tat to portray a passion for anything or anyone important in their lives.

Traditional Aztec sun tattoo.

It is an indication that a person wearing a sun tattoo gets a lot of positive energy.  You can consider this as a myth, but it’s amazing to know that it has influenced numerous people around the world.  When you speak about a sunny disposition, it Colorful sun tattoo designs.pertains to something that is cheerful, positive, upbeat and bright.  A sun tattoo could mean a particular religious belief, a personality, dream location, family heritage or a place.

There is a speculation that sun tats have become so popular because the symbol of the sun is highly adaptable.  You can incorporate artistic styles in the sun designs like Celtic suns, new school or old school suns, graffiti suns, psychedelic suns, art nouveau suns, minimalist suns and tribal suns, among others.  Both genders are attracted to wear these tattoos, but they choose different styles.

The male gender opt to select masculine, strong and fiery sun tattoo designs, while in the case of the females, they are more drawn towards colorful, curly, delicate and feminine tat designs.  The colors of these tats also differ from one traditional design to another such as yellow, orange, and red.  It is common to see sun tattoos that have different colors like purple, blue, black, green and brown which are used to personalize them.

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