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Woman embedding a sun with Cancer zodiac tattoos on her lower back.Sun tattoos images have been very famous in many generations of the world.  For example, sun tats have been existing since time immemorial.  It is considered a universal sign that everyone in the world can watch; therefore some of these meanings that refer to this type of tat art are also universally known.

The sun reminds us that it is a new day every day, and even if everybody’s life changes, its rise every morning is something significant in which we can depend on.  Without the sun, it’s impossible to have life on this planet.  It provides life, light and heat to all human beings.  In some ways, sun tattoos can portray sadness because even though how long they can rise and stay, there’s always an end to it.

Sun tattoos designs depict the sun as a heavenly body supplying the earth with life ever since, and it will do the same for billions of years more.  However, its heat and light will also “die” eventually, destroying all physical objects in the planet that rely on it.  For your awareness, some of the civilizations in the past idolized a sun god.

The special and nice sun moon tattoo design for men and women.

A lot of people even dedicated their whole life to the sun.  With regard to the Romans, Incas, Aztecs and Egyptians, these ancient people made the sun a major part of their life and religions.  A lot of them had a strong belief that the sun god ruled heaven and earth.  Based on Christianity, the sun has something to do with Jesus Christ and his sufferings.

Due to the beliefs and mythologies that are associated with the sun, there is a variety of sun tattoos images that you can choose from.  There are some tat enthusiasts who prefer to incorporate it into a larger tattoo along with other celestial bodies like the moon, while others want tat designs that are made-up of rainbows.

Man's shoulder was tattooed with an Aztec sun design.

A variety of tat designs portraying the Aztec sun is also available for you to consider.  In the ancient traditions of the Aztecs, there existed different types of suns with each of them signifying a particular “age”. Considering that there were actually 5 ages, they believed that each age was ruled over by a sun god.

If you want to embed a piece of sun tattoos images, you should make sure that you have enough understanding of each sun god.  One aspect of life in which a lot of people adopt as basis for their body art is rebirth.  After having survived a difficult time, these people prefer a kind of tat that will remind them how they were able to overcome the problems that they encountered.

A black tribal sun tattoo is pierced at woman's lower back.

The sun serves as a reminder that there is light after darkness, and that life is worth living.  In your search for quality tattoos of the sun, you can use the available resources that you can find online and offline.  You can search in a couple of reputable websites, message boards, books and magazines to find out something that will meet your taste.

However, the problem that you might encounter is that finding unique and distinct sun tattoos images may be a bit difficult since you would commonly find generic ones that are posted in websites.

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