Sun and Moon Tattoo Meanings

An orange sun and blue moon tattoo design on woman's body.People who want to represent the sun and moon tattoo meanings of “yang” and “yin” energies or the combination of 2 opposing forces prefer to embed the sun and moon tat on their bodies.  The sun and moon are actually contrasting bodies of the universe, but if they are formed together, they can make a more powerful and greater body.

The sun represents the elements of masculinity like authority, wisdom, strength and power; while on the other hand, the moon signifies emotion, imagination, intuition and beauty.  As a kind of tat design, it can be interpreted as the union of male and female attributes to form a balance in a person’s relationships to others.

This is the reason why these tat designs with great sun and moon tattoo definitions will fit for couples who adore each other so much as a symbol of their profound commitment and love to each other.  The sun and moon tat signifies the union of opposing energies, and the merging of yang and yin as the opposing forces of the good and the bad.

The combination of these opposing elements can lead to the formation of a more powerful and stronger force of energy.  The sun and the moon are made-up of contrasting elements if you try to interpret them separately on the basis of their attributes.  The sun and the moon are great symbolism of grand principle applicable to all generations that involve the active and passive characteristics of a human being.

Girl shows her sun and moon tattoos on blade at the tattoo parlor.

Referring to the sun and moon tattoo meaning, the sun is responsible in making the life of human beings peaceful and happy as the ultimate purpose for their existence on earth.  It reminds people to enjoy every minute of his life on earth with guidance from a Divine Providence, and be grateful for all the things that he enjoys including his physical body and the natural elements of life.

A large sun and moon tattoo embedded on somebody's leg.The moon is known to exude the mystery of the unknown, the subconscious and the unconscious, as well as the instincts and emotions of human beings.  It symbolizes the inherent personality and the material form of a person, while the sun serves as the essential energy of life force and drives the spirit behind all physical objects on earth.

Based on the sun and moon tattoo meaning, these powerful forces of the universe are opposite each other, but when they are formed as a union, they can compliment each other very well in a relationship.  A popular interpretation for the sun and moon tats also involves the creation of harmony and balance in a person’s character.

These 2 essential elements represent the great principles of life that involves the active and passive attributes of all objects on earth.  The sun refers to the active element, while the moon refers to the passive one.  When these 2 forces are merged together, they will form a more enduring and powerful body of energy.

These objects of opposition in the sun and moon tattoo meaning that represent the good side and the bad side of life including the characteristics of human beings can be portrayed on your body in black ink or in full color.

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