Sun and the Moon Tattoos

A small sun moon tattoo image sample for men and women.Sun and the Moon Tattoos as Symbols of Balance and Harmony…

One of the popular intricate tattoos existing nowadays is the sun and the moon tattoos.  These popular tat designs that are both available in combined and separate patterns are transformed into natural images in the form of cool art tattoos that fascinated the obsessed human mind for the past 10,000 years.

It’s not surprising that sun tats have become more popular these days considering that the sun is the symbol of humanity’s religion and culture since the start of life on earth.  The powerful round shape of the sun with brilliant sun rays is a powerful celestial body in the universe that signify light, healing and energy.

An perfect sun and moon tattoo design is marked at girl's upper back.If you want to have sun and the moon tattoos on your body, you can make them human-like having faces and limbs attached, or you can make them in abstract design with bio-mechanical and Celtic influences.  Usually, the colors applied to these tattoos are yellow, red and orange; however, a lot of tribal sun tats utilize colors that are less orthodox to make an interesting and unique tat design.

Since time immemorial, body art has been greatly popular in the world, and as the sun was recognized as a great symbol of deity, people began craving for this type of tat.  Today, tat designs are frequently utilized by many people belonging to all walks of life to create a fashion statement and for self-expression.

But engraving sun and the moon tattoo designs on your body doesn’t really mean that you’re worshipping the deity of the sun.  Today, sun tats are very popular among tat enthusiasts.  You can have these amazing pieces of artwork in different parts of your body.  They will exude a perfect look on your leg, arm, back and other parts of your body.

Man shows his tribal sun and moon tattoo on his chest in the bathroom.

Based on a survey conducted in the US in early 2008, approximately 14% of the adult population possesses a tattoo on their bodies.  Tattoos have become a fashionable ornament for the body for both genders with ages 18 to 29.  Designs of moon tats signify change and growth as proven by its powerful cycles affecting the lives of humanity.

In sun and the moon tattoos, the sun tats appear to be bright and decorative, while moon tats are usually colored in mysterious blue and yellow.  Both sun and moon tats are usually created with limbs and faces when they are drawn as caricatures.  Another popular cartoon style pertaining to this tat design is the image of a crescent moon wearing a night cap.

Woman's had a sexy sun moon and stars tattooed at her lower back.

If you want to portray the completeness and dual personality of life and nature, you can combine the images of the sun and the moon in one single tattoo.  Both of these images are usually dependent to each other, and this tat design is often represented as feminine and masculine.  However, the actual design of the sun and moon tat is based on the taste of the person wearing it.

Some of the great-looking tat designs of sun and the moon tattoos are made in Celtic, biomechanical, old school and neo-tribal patterns that will surely look good on your body.

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